Jackson wants lots of stuff so we created a page of the things he’s asked for to help with gift ideas.

As parents we don’t want to have Jackson drown in too many toys that are nice in the moment, but aren’t as valuable long-term…

…But since a boy needs some toys we’ve provided various options below (including a college savings account option via 529).

Some Pictures from 2018:

[OPTION 1] Specific gifts and toys he’d really like (Jackson’s Preference)

These are things he’s specifically asked for (some over and over…)


  1. Jackson’s wishlist of things we’ve taken pictures of >>> https://photos.app.goo.gl/0V2k3wDGkfYwOALB2 (mainly from Target, Costco & Walmart)
  2. Jackson’s Amazon wishlist >>> https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/19VK4831ONZI6

Ideas that might not be on either list above:

  • Hula hoop (regular sized and not the small ones)
  • Clothing is also great (please include a gift receipt)
  • Ant farm
  • Lego Classics
  • Playdates that include ice cream
  • Toys that are fun, educational and that require building, experimenting, creativity


[OPTION 2] Contribute to his 529 college savings account (Parent’s Preferred Option, Jackson not so much)

Here’s the link to his Fidelity 529 >>> https://go.fidelity.com/y6xz7

(There’s a $25 minimum, but if you’d like to give less or don’t want to put your information in Fidelity you can give cash or a check and we’ll deposit it into his account)

Here are a few examples showing the value of different gift amounts now and what they’ll grow to in the future.

  • With a gift of $25 it could be worth $70 by the time he’s ready for college.
  • $50 will turn into $140
  • $100 becomes $280

This is the power of compound interest over about 15 years assuming average returns from index funds.

So, “Why the heck are you depriving him of toys?”

We hope in the long run he’ll start to appreciate having less things and hopefully appreciate the real important things like education, experiences, time with friends and family more.

We also believe that when he’s older and sees lots of his peers paying off lots of debt from college, and realizes that he is in a much better situation because of the people who contributed to his 529 gift he’ll be so appreciative and grateful.

This will also give him more freedom in his life since he won’t be burdened with huge debt for decades after he graduates, while opening more options for him.

Tim & Naty